how long do i have to do this for?

who have i become.  fashion fixation. summer is only 6 months away!

alexander w summer tank.  vintage levi olympic cutoffs.  vintage bootsies. vintage cougar and other bracelets. 


simple lives are too boring to be a part of it moves too slowly.

boyfriend jackets are the perfect mix of oversize and fashionforward.  not caring but actually caring.  i read recently that we all try so hard to look like we dont try.  whats up with that?
montreal summer 2009 - army surplus jacket and djarems.


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faced with the challenges of tomorrow i surrender to today and say f*** you.

i adore this campaign for ss10. 1st model (karmen pedaru) is one of my new favorites.


it just so happens i do like the colour blue.

favorite indie magazine covers.  probably have had each stage be a part of my metamorphosis.   clown to dreamer to dark to lost.  and back again.  indie magazine features amazing fashion photogs and great mens editorial spreads.  love.

was santa/hannukah good to you?



stockin stuffing

this lane jewelery is ILL.  its also cheap (ish) and adds a little animal vibes to your human vibes? whatever. i love the bracelet.  and the rings.  theres even more on website.  !!!



all i do is party. and party. and party. (no more)

party pictures.  as my dad always tells me:  nothing good happens past 12 am.
had major fun with takefauxtograph and KMY!

PS. wearing new chie shoes!


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RIP ms. murphy


this is a love post.

because i cant say sorry enough.

so lost. please find me. and bring me back.



some days i laugh. some days i cry. some days i curl up and ask why?

(ffffound) (dancliman) (google)

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