this is my favorite of the day!

Irina. for. QVEST.  she is also covergirl for METAL magazine this month.  its monday but i am optimistic that friday is so soon!

...follow the yellow brick road...
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funny men.

i find this funny.  but i like the "lost boys" inspired earing.  its just more futuristic. december 09 metal mag spread.


the rest from ID. woo.

theres more. but these are sick!


shanghai noodles. best.

chanel shanghai edition.  red black combo so good.  love the red top and lipstick.  want!!



some cool things to look out for.

what we all need in our lives (spring 2010).  something tangled. ankle suits. barbie 66 costumes (iheartmilly). clogs.
colours besides colours: black. white. tan.


i felt strange when i saw this picture for some reason.  sad strange. dash snow and mrs. snow.



the man.

terry richardson shooting puple #13...what i would give to be shot by him.  i bet it would be a blast...thanks dan for making me think of purple again.  sick pup he brings to his shoots. meow?



yesterday is tomorrows today

so many good things in the world.  today is a good day.

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