please please please please let me get what i want

Today i visited my best on the university campus.  I stood out like a peacock amongst hawks.  

So I stuck out because of my Free People thigh highs...they remind me of soccer socks and they are incredibly hard to wear...so I put on extra high Cheap Monday wedges to keep the cool.  My mom's Joie dress and a vintage fur vest from Value Village kept me warm and toasty.  All Topshop accessories.  

Isn't it funny how people come and go in your life?  Why is it that certain people always re appear?  Is it meant to happen - are our footsteps leading us to one another?  Questions to wonder over the weekend....but not to overthink.  

Katrina is my friend below...she has a blog called Bright Lights Little City.  Cool photography of life in Vancouver and around the globe.  Thanks to her for these awesome photos. the ones below just are cut.

She's a babe!


salad bar at whole foods is my favorite

these photos are HORRENDOUS. but it's been a while since I have posted. and i miss it. It's been a lot of work, work out, food, work, blogging, work, cleaning, wine, work.  At least I got out the other day while it was slightly raining for a little thrifting with my roomate.  I found a beautiful torn up dreamcatcher.  I definitely fit in at the thrift store though...vintage pendleton jacket, vintage slitted skirt I found in a 1 dollar bin.  Phillip lim belt that I bought at a wonderful sample sale last year, a vintage crocodile bag I found in portland and Chie Mihara platforms.  These are my favorite shoes and one of my favorite designers. she makes the most comfortable heels ever! I think I have a few pairs...

More to come...I have a day off thursday and I feel like DRESSING UP