so please please please let me let me let me let me get what i want this time.

oh the smiths...there was too many good editorials recently. all my favorite models wearing beautiful couture.   i had to post them all in one.  overwhelmed.
the chandelier dress is great for photos. my favorite photograph is the "king and queen"...he wears vans she wears mcqueen. dirtbabe couple!


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i miss you like i miss you.

house of holland in futureclaw.  super funky model styling.  posted about HOHXLEVIS a few back and here it is in editorial. i like it more here than the campaign.


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so i know these have been kicking around for a long time but...

i cannot get over MIU MIU spring shoe line.  its like a 70s PLATFORM disco shoe done right. with patterns.

its absolutely genius. and i melt. no. more like my heart stops when i see the shoes.  wish list number 1.


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