id buy michael jacksons "wonderland" if....

it came with these clothes....

wonderland mag.  darya.  



anja rubik terry richardson paris!

OMG. I LOVE THIS SHOOT. paris setting hotels high heels playful tights. and the cover is so bombshell.



young and old. radiant and vibrant. lively and chill. current and knowledgeable.

comparisons of these two models. i love this shoot mainly because of morgan.
and the chemistry.


not quite over balmain yet...

daria. in jacket.



i -d 300th

sigrid agren. 300th id cover and shoot. wink away boys and girls. omg sandals.


oh my goodness

i dont even know about thsi shoot or model. but something is intriguing...



lions and tigers and aliens? oh my...

daniel palillo. finland designer. lots of creeps going on in all colours. and black! amazing. i think i would rock it all minus hooker booties.
i love alien jacket.



vogue india. south asian model (Lakshmi Menon)

i hate orange but this is rather beautiful styling


something so serene and real

pilfered magazine. cory kennedy photo editor. it's pretty.



i want brown hair with roots

the purse is to die for. i dont know if it is vintage or designer. that means it is very original.

i want to party in LA and NY and Montreal (so soon...haga to you DBC)



etam lingerie

amazing fotos. the designs are fantastic. natalia's designs.