point and shoot.

if i could wear this every day i would.
if i had the money to go to the record store. i would.


my card for you to see

go see cards? i want bracelet in last picture.



wonderland wonderland. once upon a time in a dream far away in my head. a bunny rabbit led me down a path made of marshmallows. the bunny said to me "beware of the candycane mushrooms" and he vanished. i walked and walked and walked. i came to a fountain of cherry cola river. i was hungy and i took a bite of a mushroom that looked like a candycane. i never woke up.



the cats meow

cat ears. alexander wang dress. such a cool shoot. the makeup and styling is amazing!


no smoking?

It doesnt offend me but....

controversial? i really love the hair and glasses.
vogue paris


called and i called but i can't get through

sequins and long gowns. the shoot is a little overbearing.
adore the last dress.
vogue paris. walter pfeiffer. eva herzigova.



once again.......my cat's name is rvca

getting ready is the best part of going out....

photos courtesy of (jmr). just lovely.


its been a loooooooong time coming.

this is already over 2 years old...the featured models were the "its" then and i think are still the "i needs" now.
Matt Irwin - photographer....does a lot of stuff for dazed and confused. he is truly amazing when it comes to capturing beauty of both people and fashion.


yellow and red...matt irwin photog from vogue russia april09


mr. sun

(raybans raybans to keep out the rays)

into nighttime...
(lots of black and wicked fringe)



my cat is named rvca

ive seen this girl in some photos before. she has crazy eyes that are so gorgeous. i want to do my makeup like that...
such a great photo.

who is she?




imba collection. so lace fantastic its like i died and woke up in the mid 70s when cocaine girlfriends were the "it" accessory.

one piece is so so fresh!


pardon me monsieur do you have the time?

i like every face on this page...inspired inspiree inspiring.
the outfits are subtle but gorgeous.

photoshop me in!



you made me make you a pie!

mademe by erin magee. canadian.

she first worked for umbro. when umbro collaborated with supreme. supreme took her away.
her new stuff is cute girl with crazy attitude.

i like what she does.
i want their acid wash shorts.  photo woulnt upload. lame!




what can I say but. aw. dash snow at an art opening (koh) in LA. family.

dash snow - dash is who he is - unfinished by Dan Climan. another amazingly talented and one of a kind artist. haga baby.


pretty in pink always fresh

guy aroch for bazaar may 2009 with chung

i would feel like a cloud in that dress.


green bottles.

middle part. red and white and black

make face.

i need to find sweet dreams in vancouver. where??????