please please please please let me get what i want

Today i visited my best on the university campus.  I stood out like a peacock amongst hawks.  

So I stuck out because of my Free People thigh highs...they remind me of soccer socks and they are incredibly hard to wear...so I put on extra high Cheap Monday wedges to keep the cool.  My mom's Joie dress and a vintage fur vest from Value Village kept me warm and toasty.  All Topshop accessories.  

Isn't it funny how people come and go in your life?  Why is it that certain people always re appear?  Is it meant to happen - are our footsteps leading us to one another?  Questions to wonder over the weekend....but not to overthink.  

Katrina is my friend below...she has a blog called Bright Lights Little City.  Cool photography of life in Vancouver and around the globe.  Thanks to her for these awesome photos. the ones below just are cut.

She's a babe!


salad bar at whole foods is my favorite

these photos are HORRENDOUS. but it's been a while since I have posted. and i miss it. It's been a lot of work, work out, food, work, blogging, work, cleaning, wine, work.  At least I got out the other day while it was slightly raining for a little thrifting with my roomate.  I found a beautiful torn up dreamcatcher.  I definitely fit in at the thrift store though...vintage pendleton jacket, vintage slitted skirt I found in a 1 dollar bin.  Phillip lim belt that I bought at a wonderful sample sale last year, a vintage crocodile bag I found in portland and Chie Mihara platforms.  These are my favorite shoes and one of my favorite designers. she makes the most comfortable heels ever! I think I have a few pairs...

More to come...I have a day off thursday and I feel like DRESSING UP




so i made my roommate take my photo this morning on an adventure to pick up my car.  we got really rowdy yesterday the BC LIONS won the grey cup. my friend john g had his birthday and he passed out in the bar. I took some shots with some Irish men. and then I fell asleep fully clothed.  I rolled out of bed this morning and this seemed like a nice comfortable outfit for the day.

My rocco bag are the same colour of my vintage boots. These boots are old and are cracking but i love love love them. They're blue! Grey velvet leggings from H&M are very comfortable and I'm wearing a leopard sweater I got in Hawaii (WTF) at Macy's or something.  Topshop shearling jacket and greasy unbrushed locks. 

lying on the couch dreading going to work.


the party and the after party.

it's been a loser weekend. working and not dressing up (unhappy face).

get inspired by the photo below PAINT YOUR NAILS.

happy saturday.  I think tomorrow I'll dress up like a casual sunday funday. and have one too many ceasers. Outfit post soon.

im watching sex and the city marathon.


i know youve been hurt by someone else. i can tell by the way you carry yourself.

Sometimes and lately I've been feeling really low.  Rekindling relationships, graduating from University and having no real career, shopping excessively - all of it leads to thinking  A LOT. but that's besides the point I guess. 

It was a beautiful day today...woke up super early and went and volunteered with my Grade 1s. Super cute class.  Went to meet B who so kindly documented what I dressed up as today.  I'd say a pseudo pirate wench meets vintage thrifter?  My blue leather is VINTAGE from Portland and I love that city so much. It only cost $45 and it's real - and real fur.  I wore it with a Nanette Lepore chemise and my mother's riding boots - some Italian from Holts.  My bag is AWang with a tail - it came from Iran and I bought it in a random shisha and hookah store downtown...the dude had a bunch and they were so cheap. You never know where you may find the most random things.  Ruby Woo lips to complete the look. 

Now on to my dinner party! I just cooked the potatoes but my timing is off...everyone doesn't show for another hour....help!


who knew it would be me and just me

This jacket has been getting a lot of use lately because it is below zero in Vancouver.  Even if the sun is shining.  This is the dep across from my apartment. Cutest nicest family run store in the hood.

I like these Marc Jacobs boots from last F/W season because they remind me of spats from the 1950s.  Also the wood heel goes nicely with the brown in the jacket.  Super comfortable for high heels too.

The grey dress is from Zara but you can't really see it. It has a leather belt attachment.  Super cute detail.  I was sort of happy at this moment because I replaced my broken phone from the night before.  I also had time to check out the Versace stuff from H&M... Is it weird that I don't care for collaborations like this? They don't really get me going all crazy like those who line up for hours...I'd much rather save my money for real Versace or Lanvin.



last night I went to WU LYF (if you don't know them look them up) they are an amazing band from the UK.  Boy band whose lead singer is a fox and his voice is just dreamy.  One of the only photos of the night.  No outfit photo taken...I moshed and lost everything out of my purse.  My phone got crushed and my lipstick flew and my disposable camera displaced...what matters is many boys helped me by shining a light on the floor during the mosh and I found everything. Thank you! 

I went for a quick shopping trip to H&M to get something to wear to WU.  It recently snowed here so my fur is out! I love vintage fur and 50% off days at Value Village.  This one is rabbit and is inscribed with the original owners' initials!

Cheap Monday wedges make me 6'1"...I bought these after a few happy hour cocktails.  Great drunk buy. 

 I swear by American Apparel stretchy jeans with side zips.  Every colour necessary.  They are also high waisted.  Together with a vintage clutch I acquired years ago and a McQueen scarf as an ode to the designer.
My roommate is Sarah and she's been my photog for the past while...she doesn't love it.  Thank you Sarah.  
Happy Saturday.


Oh what a day what a glorious day

Chanel flats were a hit on a Casual Tuesday.  In the Sun! So beautiful. and now it's raining.  I'm no original when I try to take a photo from this angle, but I just can't help it.  I've been doing it since the days I can no longer remember.

Freaky in double wang (again I have an issue) and striped socks.  My mother has this weird cashmere vest/bulky sweater that is attached and I thought why not.  My Smythe to cover it all for some warmth.

I promise to get better in front of the camera. Until then please ignore strange expressions and ultra awkward motions.  This is my apartment building. It's character and those who live within it are also characters.  Eclectic.

If you can't wait until friday say "AMEN - A Men - Ah Men!"


Windy Windy Windy Day

I walked my entire city in Wang today. It was too beautiful to stay inside.  But I think I got windburn?

I have this thing for finding excellent condition designer consignment...and my eye is SUPERB. This helmut Lang skirt still had the original tag on and was reduced to almost nothing...another's junk is my treasure.

Not going to lie...I had my ex take photos of me.  Oh what a day.  Is it too much to wear double the Awang? I'm thinking yes.  Oh well.

Azzedine Alaia

Yesterday I picked up my most recent Ebay purchase.  I think I almost died.  Azzedine Alaia shoes have been on my most wanted list for a long time, and I caved. 

The box it came in is luxury.  If I get the courage to wear them out in winter weather I will show you what they look like. But until then...let's just say I am in love.

Every I Dress Up

Every day I dress up.  I wake up and to me it matters what I look like on the outside. When I dress up I am truly living in the moment.  I cherish the warmth of cashmere on my porcelain skin. I adore the smell of genuine leather and I like the feeling of stretch high waisted denim.  When I try on a new pair of shoes I am excited.  That is the reason I started Everyday Dress Up.  Watch me get dressed.

This used to be DIVINE BUNNY but that ship has sailed.  I used to use this blog as a train of thought - specifically related to fashion and my life and its' relativity to the fashion I encountered.  I am choosing to keep the posts as DB because it was who I once was and the inspiration I once had.

I have a moodwall at aleatherbounddiary.tumblr.com that is my inspiration for dressing the way I do currently.   
Check it out!



i update my tumblr daily. i hope wish pray ask beg of you to stop click the link and visit a leather bound diary.  

I neglect my divine bunny alias too often. although when my real life begins i will have more time.

oh yeah.



all of the lights

house of holland a/w 2011. loving the crochet and the second look. funny video. pixie geldorf and dree hemingway.



so much googoo for ga ga.

Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson for Surpeme terry lady gaga04Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson for Surpeme terry lady gaga03Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson for Surpeme terry lady gaga02Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson for Surpeme terry lady gaga01

these are good. out for a while. but i swear i have a photo like the first one somewhere. terry richardson and gaga and supreme NY.

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