love to all. it was fun!


on my mind after a saturday.

a vintage ad.  i googled Canadian symbols.  this is what i found.  so priceless. i need to start rocking the 50s again.



inspo espo presto tiesto.

a collection of inspiration.  forget where they come from.  probably ffffound and other places.

im going to stuff my face at all you can eat sushi tonight.  wowza.  

and i told you im back!

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peacock feathers everywhere.

quite in love with this 2009 collection by antipodium.

i want most of the pieces. the colour palette is amazing!

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some old levis campaign i kept...

2010 campaign.  forgot where i got the photos from OOPS. my bad.  but i adore the boys and their haircuts.  it reminds me of someone i know.

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backstreets back alright?

this is ethan.  STUD!  thanks to BDG for showing me these photos.  male modelling is always good to feature.  

photographia: kevin tron

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catcher in the rye.

guns and steel. oh saturdays.  i found my next DIY project from one of these eds.  can you guess what it is?

SATURDAY.  need fuck off t.