the sun so hot i froze to death.

fantasy world. lovely photographs by barbara vidal.

slow on the blogging these days. just feel that life is slow in general right now.  hopefully out of this rutt and into a new one soon.  there needs to be more attitude and change and new spirits coming through my life and ours.  its a breath of fresh air and challenging to our thoughts and dreams.  sometimes i think to myself: what you wanted yesterday is not what you want today.  but honestly change of mind and change of heart are good things.  staleness and staying in one spot for too long means you will hurt more and live less.  this is the year. the year. the year.


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B a la Moda said...

Love these pictures. You are right. Our mind is very changing!

B* a la Moda

Maxie said...

beautiful pics!

sasha b. said...

i love what you wrote in your post.. very insightful. ANd i love these pics.. the room she's in is so beautiful! thanks for your comment :)

Amy T said...

lovely and dreamy photoshoot


emily viveur said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous photos. i love the ethereal quality...now i want to go put on a long flowing dress.

maria said...

OMG! The dress is breathless! Dreamy!

Carmen said...

Pretty pictures.


Nicole Trundle said...