im saving money to get a pair of shoes right now.

summer is approaching. the wind is warm. flowers in my hair.



Clare said...

Great photo. Me too, I want those black, satin Miu Mius more than most things.

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ilovecoolthings said...

i'm always saving money for a pair of shoes....

Clare said...

Argh, well if you do get them let me look at them... Might just wait til the new ones come out and those are on sale... Who knows!

Agreed with you about the shoot on my blog, the model is all wrong, but I love the details on the clothes and the movement so it was good enough!

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Anna-Christina said...

What shoes, lovely girl?

Anna Stelmakh said...

Love your blog! Me too, I want new pair soooo much;)
p.s. amazing picture!