salad bar at whole foods is my favorite

these photos are HORRENDOUS. but it's been a while since I have posted. and i miss it. It's been a lot of work, work out, food, work, blogging, work, cleaning, wine, work.  At least I got out the other day while it was slightly raining for a little thrifting with my roomate.  I found a beautiful torn up dreamcatcher.  I definitely fit in at the thrift store though...vintage pendleton jacket, vintage slitted skirt I found in a 1 dollar bin.  Phillip lim belt that I bought at a wonderful sample sale last year, a vintage crocodile bag I found in portland and Chie Mihara platforms.  These are my favorite shoes and one of my favorite designers. she makes the most comfortable heels ever! I think I have a few pairs...

More to come...I have a day off thursday and I feel like DRESSING UP


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