i listen when they told me "if he burns you let him go".

KTZ and marjen pejoski.  SS10 is so killer but i couldnt get it off website. bummer.

the guys overalls i want so badly. love everything about the clothes and shoot MINUS the cowboy inspired midcalf boots. yuck.



Stacy said...

love the fifth and six pictures!

btw, hot header


Clara said...

Fabulous post.
i love it.

ediot said...

so many nice things. thanks for sharing. and thanks for visiting me. have an great week!
take care

xx ediot

Taylor Sterling said...

these are awesome!!

guns, babes and lemonade said...

amazing collection, the first outfit is killer.
but at the same time - totally agree with you on the cowboy boots, gross

Charlene said...

Love these! And want to own everything in the middle row!

Tanya N said...

JESUS CHRISTTT THIS IS BEAUTIFUL what designer is this? thanks for your comment btw! :)