i came from louisiana with a banjo on my knee.

pretty lily donaldson at a party. her dress is so gorgeous. love the colour.
reminder: CAT EYES

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MIA said...

love her glamour.

really? do you have it? lucky girl, I just have my parent's nirvana cds ahah
they're one of my favourite bands, they're simply genius

Veronica said...

Such a beautiful girl, isn't she?

Thanks for your comment. Would love you to read my blog, I'll be following yours :-)



Rock N Revolution said...


Dirty Hair Halo said...

These pics are gorgeous.


guns, babes and lemonade said...

cat eyes!

Amanda Lalique said...

yup she's gorgeous. She has such a different kind of beaut.. more interesting.

I really like your blog hope you can check mine out too


Fashion said...

Awesome pics!! The girl is really beautiful!

EN VANITÉ said...

It looks like a photoshoot but it's just a normal photograph... damn she's pretty. Thanks for your comment!

silvia said...

she's soo beautiful!

Sequins♡Sparkles said...

love her! and those pics are beautiful.
thanks for your comment on my blog, so sweet!


Style Mews said...

the photos look so old hollywood glamour! love it, thankyou for my comments love your blog/title also! xx

harps said...

she just stands out in any crowd, what a doll