sometimes i come across things i really enjoy and find appealing. there is hidden reasons

although this is a sad depiction.  it is an artist doing good things.  erwin thomasses mother passed away of alzheimers.  all proceeds of his latest book entitled "lighthearted pleasure" go towards the foundation.  below is a little information about him. could it be used to teach young?

"crackrock is a metaphysical poet. His poetry is esoteric drawing on ancient writings to convey a message of hope and survival, highlighting nature and creation. Focusing and harmonious aspects of creation he inspires us with healing facets of our existence as related through ancient constructs" from hogeschool voor levensvragen
up next...walter who?


Michele said...

Haha E.T!!

Isabel said...

That is really fascinating - thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing my work on your blog! Best regards, Erwin