Every I Dress Up

Every day I dress up.  I wake up and to me it matters what I look like on the outside. When I dress up I am truly living in the moment.  I cherish the warmth of cashmere on my porcelain skin. I adore the smell of genuine leather and I like the feeling of stretch high waisted denim.  When I try on a new pair of shoes I am excited.  That is the reason I started Everyday Dress Up.  Watch me get dressed.

This used to be DIVINE BUNNY but that ship has sailed.  I used to use this blog as a train of thought - specifically related to fashion and my life and its' relativity to the fashion I encountered.  I am choosing to keep the posts as DB because it was who I once was and the inspiration I once had.

I have a moodwall at aleatherbounddiary.tumblr.com that is my inspiration for dressing the way I do currently.   
Check it out!

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