i know youve been hurt by someone else. i can tell by the way you carry yourself.

Sometimes and lately I've been feeling really low.  Rekindling relationships, graduating from University and having no real career, shopping excessively - all of it leads to thinking  A LOT. but that's besides the point I guess. 

It was a beautiful day today...woke up super early and went and volunteered with my Grade 1s. Super cute class.  Went to meet B who so kindly documented what I dressed up as today.  I'd say a pseudo pirate wench meets vintage thrifter?  My blue leather is VINTAGE from Portland and I love that city so much. It only cost $45 and it's real - and real fur.  I wore it with a Nanette Lepore chemise and my mother's riding boots - some Italian from Holts.  My bag is AWang with a tail - it came from Iran and I bought it in a random shisha and hookah store downtown...the dude had a bunch and they were so cheap. You never know where you may find the most random things.  Ruby Woo lips to complete the look. 

Now on to my dinner party! I just cooked the potatoes but my timing is off...everyone doesn't show for another hour....help!


Jovana said...

I like Ur blog. I follow U from now on

Barbara said...

Very very cool, im following u!
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Sophisticated Fashionista

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Love the color of that blue! Great jacket!


heylila said...

wow I love the turquoise nails!!!



Kasia said...

Great outfit!
You look so pretty!