last night I went to WU LYF (if you don't know them look them up) they are an amazing band from the UK.  Boy band whose lead singer is a fox and his voice is just dreamy.  One of the only photos of the night.  No outfit photo taken...I moshed and lost everything out of my purse.  My phone got crushed and my lipstick flew and my disposable camera displaced...what matters is many boys helped me by shining a light on the floor during the mosh and I found everything. Thank you! 

I went for a quick shopping trip to H&M to get something to wear to WU.  It recently snowed here so my fur is out! I love vintage fur and 50% off days at Value Village.  This one is rabbit and is inscribed with the original owners' initials!

Cheap Monday wedges make me 6'1"...I bought these after a few happy hour cocktails.  Great drunk buy. 

 I swear by American Apparel stretchy jeans with side zips.  Every colour necessary.  They are also high waisted.  Together with a vintage clutch I acquired years ago and a McQueen scarf as an ode to the designer.
My roommate is Sarah and she's been my photog for the past while...she doesn't love it.  Thank you Sarah.  
Happy Saturday.


lostceremony said...

Love everything.
Great coat!

Yuka said...

OMG the shoes are what i'm thinking about purchase.
but now i'm sure i'd buy them!! <3 haha


MechanicalGirl said...

drunk more becouse thoses shoes are great!


Mona-Lena said...

Nice look, lovely wedges :)

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

The wedges are amazing, so hot.

Anonymous said...

I'm so trying to find a coat like this for winter!

Carlinn said...

Love this outfit, looks warm and chic! :)