becoming a tourist.

(forever 21 top, bfs acne jeans, camper shoes, vintage purse, louis vuitton carry on)

VENICE BEACH in this gettup makes me look like i want to buy rip-off sunglasses and henna tattoos.  

only stayed in LA for 3 hours.  i think its too much.

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dv said...

second photo so good

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

Love the top pic! Still loving your blog!

fashion westie said...

Hee hee...I agree with style spotter, the first pic is cool.

Really dig the outfit.

apparellel said...

looking so hot in the crop top!


Mouthwash said...

so funny - I knew where you were EXACTLY by your 3rd photo. Haha. I love that beach. Best beach ever - I used to live off of Venice Blvd. Aaah the memories.


Lexi Colby said...

i love your shirt so much

Giselle said...

So jealous of your lifestyle. I've seen Venice beach once but not for long enough.
Keep up the divine work.

fhen said...

what a lovely outfit you wear!
have just followed you
mind to follow me back? :)
have a great weekend!


guns, babes and lemonade said...

ohhhhhhhh i am so jealous
reminds me of californication

MIA said...

lucky girl, it's freezing in lisbon. love the print bag that you had, and your hair is so beautiful

Anonymous said...

love your style following

Catarina said...

nice pics, I really like your outfit.
Thanks for your comment, I am now following your blog :)

Birgitte said...

LOVEE The outfit and mostly the Sunglasses!!