some wows. some what the hells.

fashion week is happening. has been happening.  these are some creations from the catwalk.  interesting.  beautiful irredescent fabrics from two top photos.  teddybear suit is a bit too much.  but cool at the same time.


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nookie said...

some are a la Lady Gaga:)

Lexi Colby said...

hmm really interesting designs.
but that's what fashion's all about.


Amanda Lalique said...

wow! Glad I discovered your blog! I left you a Blog Award on my post today!


Alice D. Millionaire said...

for me, it's been a wtf??! kind of thing mostly so far. i'm over shock. can we get back to flattering cuts and lovely colors and textures? yknow.. things that actually look good? though, there has been some of that too. just.. why with the teddy bears and danger clowns and.. ??
to each his own, i suppose.

alice d.

Anonymous said...

love these photos!!

jessica whitley said...

omg, the bears are fantastic! sooo nuts.. btw love your blog :)

Maya l'Abeille said...

oh jeez. I was taken aback on third picture!
Thank you for sharing- some of these looks were absolutely stunning!

Electromanic said...

Oh wow, those teddy bear shoulder pads are insane! I dont think there are that many people who could pull such an outfit off. Lovely blog by the way.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love the sheer pants! xoxo

Alyson Blaire said...

i found your blog on mandalyzing and i love it! i actually gave her the award, so i'm glad she passed it on to you :) i'm now a follower..check out mine as well.



angie said...

the girl in the first picture is amazing! loving this post and your blog is great ill definatly be following! x

Style Mews said...

la gaga i agree.. loved the brown wedge shoes, hateed the teddies.. atttention seeking much? it works though

Nabila said...

ahahaaa the teddy bear suit; kerazy. Love your blog!

Nabila xo