im going to rock this shit like fashion. fashion.


love acne jeans.  but love their whole collection too. the leopard flat oxfords? amazing.  pompom heels. amazing. simple cuts. to die for.


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE everything acne does! Seriously! That striped dress has to be mine! I'm actually wearing all acne today (well, the dress and jacket)!

Maxie said...

every single piece is divine

MT Days & Nights said...

Love the collection especially those leopard shoes! following your blog now! Also we're doing a giveaway so check it out.


Every Little Counts said...

i love it, i love it, i love it! great styling too. <3

Ciao Bella said...

i love the oxfords and the wedges.
the maxi dress i die for!

le pearl said...

i am in love too ;~;

em·avec·igrek said...

i love acne! i love your blog! so cute and nice pics! thank you for visiting my blog. i'll follow you!love all the outfits!
follow mine if you want!

kobimaree said...

Never thought Id see the day where I loved pompoms on shoes but they look amazing. Love all the DIY potential in shoes lately (Romance was born anyone??) .... crafternoon coming up soon.

Lovely blog. Shall be following youuuu.

Free Radical xxx

Lexi Colby said...

these are all such amazing outfits, i absolutely love the collection.


gabby paulina said...

ooh i love this! every piece is amazing :)

Carina said...

love, love LOVE the long striped maxie dress. love it...did you get that? :)

thanks for visiting my blog!

Charlene said...

Id pretty much wear all of this LOVE!