why do you let me stay here. all by myself. why dont you come and play here. im just sitting on the shelf.

knighttcat and takefauxtograph posted about aritzia recently. among others. 

had these images saved.  its hard to keep on top of it.  i love that she wears MIHARA shoes. my favorite

"fashion bloggers have a special place in hell"


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photos de Mode said...

lovely blog! :)
xoxo. /pdM

Lexi Colby said...

i love all the pictures in this post


Sandra - Piffad said...

Like your blog!

MIA said...

uau, that jean shirt in the first one is amazing... and that collants with hearts? man I love these

Style Mews said...

wheres the aztecy coat from in the first piccie must havve!! xxx

le pearl said...

So true!

consume her said...

lovely clothes and i love this model! i'm seeing her everywhere recently.