in a dream i was a werewolf my soul was filled with crystal light. lavendar ribbons of rain sang ridding my heart of mortal fight.


chloe backstage.  just reminded me of how much i want to be tanned.  and a hippie in the sand.  and how much i love chloe. especially their summer sandal collections.

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Alice D. Millionaire said...

those sandals are delightful! love 'em with leg warmers.. gives me an idea.
and that dress. in the last frame.? shya. need that look. gotta have that look.
haven't seen these; thanks for posting.

alice d.

Taryn said...

I love how all the models have somewhat messy and loosely wavy hair plus the clothes are, as always, incredible

Anonymous said...

lovely pics!

le pearl said...

Yeah Chloe's summer sandals are very nice. I love the flowy hair and the dresses.

une parisienne trés trés chic said...

That show was amazing!

Heather said...

The leg warmers with the sandals are great!