I...far and wide. ive explored the deepest caverns of my mind. to try and find an explanation why. i get this funny feeling deep inside.

my ALL-TIME favorite photos


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Anonymous said...

love the pics!

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge said...

aww nice pics!love the sunglasses :)


Deepali said...

That mask is amazing!! and yes my jumper is vintage! And your blog is fantastic x

Charlotte said...

i have this mask, used wear it out now and then, getting funny looks. Love your blog, thanks for commenting on my mine. I like comments yo. WWW.FASHIONVIOLENTDELIGHTS.BLOGSPOT.COM

fashion westie said...

You make me wanna wear masks everywhere, everyday.

I sound a little creeper-stalker.

Sorry. But I can see why you really like these photos-way cool.

Amanda Lalique said...

LOVE the Chloe ones... I posted the ones with the mask too- she is FAB. Great images!